Check your progress 12.11.17

Ex. 1a

1.Antonio’s father is Canadian, but his mother is Italian.

2.We live in Rochester now, but my brother and I don’t like our new school.

3.A: Hello, my name’s Christine.

B:What’s your name?

4.Karen’s got a really nice sister. Her name’s Patricia.

5.Jackie and Nigel live in Canterbury now, but their sons are still in London.


ex. 1b

  1. He studies Polish at school.
  2. She speaks English and Italian.
  3. We watch TV at the weekends.
  4. He finished his homework before tea.
  5. They listen to music in their room.


ex. 1c

  1. There are 300 museums in London.
  2. There is a great market in Camden.
  3. There are river tours every day.
  4. Is there a post office in Oxford street?
  5. Are there any parks in London?
  6. Are there any good shpos in Covent Garden?


ex. 2a

Places in towns- supermarket, library, bookshop, railway station, market, post office.

Family- parents, aunt, father, daughter, cousin, uncle,  mother, chemist, newsagent,

Numbers- twenty-one, fourteen, seventy, eight, thirteen, two, thirty.


ex. 2b

  1.  67- sixty-seven
  2. 1000- thousand
  3. 84- eighty-four
  4. 13- thirty
  5. 19-ninety
  6. 100-hundred



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